Gusti Ega Putrawan, Innovation and Concrete Steps of a Millennial Caleg — Gusti Ega Putrawan, a prospective legislative candidate (Caleg) in the DKI Jakarta 2 electoral district, is a man of ambition and action.

In a district filled with candidates ranging from ministers to celebrities and legislative council leaders, this young, multi-talented individual is undaunted.

He has made a name for himself as a singer, producer, and entrepreneur, and he’s ready to serve and make a tangible contribution to the community. But how does he plan to achieve this?

Innovation and Concrete Steps of a Millennial Caleg

As a legislative candidate representing the United Development Party (PPP), Gusti Ega Putrawan envisions helping the people through innovative solutions that can be implemented immediately. He believes that the key to connecting with the community lies in meaningful and impactful initiatives.

Recognizing that as a representative of the people, he must be present and accessible to them every day, Gusti Ega, with the tagline “Maju Bersama, Muda Berkarya” (Progressing Together, Young and Productive), has introduced an application called “Sahabat Mas Ega” (Friend of Mas Ega).

The Sahabat Mas Ega application is a concrete effort to benefit the broader community, particularly in the electoral district that encompasses Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta Selatan, and overseas constituencies. This innovative application is the first of its kind in Indonesia, focusing on social services.

Gusti Ega is committed to listening to the aspirations of the people around the clock through this application, as that is the responsibility of a representative of the people.

Who Is Gusti Ega?

Gusti Ega Putrawan gained recognition through his contributions to the arts, such as the release of his album “Jangan Pernah Berhenti” (Never Stop) in 2015 and the production of the film “Old Friend” in 2016. However, his reach extends beyond the realm of art.

He has also been involved in the coal, waste, and nickel mining business. In 2022, Gusti Ega was entrusted with a special advisory role at the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB).

Acknowledgment of his contributions and dedication to the community came from Kesunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat, which bestowed upon him the noble title of Kanjeng Raden Tumenggung (K.R.T.) Gusti Ega Putrawan Yudhoningrat in 2021.

The Sahabat Gusti Ega Application Launch in Early September

Gusti Ega Putrawan has a strong determination to genuinely serve the community as a representative of the people. Mas Ega has also recruited a group of volunteers to support this endeavor.

According to Gusti Ega, the present moment is an excellent opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to society, particularly because of his youth and capabilities.

The Sahabat Mas Ega application will feature several channels, including “Daftar Qris” (Qris Registration), “Curhat Mas” (Talk to Mas), “Lapor Pak” (Report to Sir), and “Pasar Rakyat” (People’s Market). The “Daftar Qris” channel is aimed at Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), which are currently dominated by young entrepreneurs.

This channel intends to provide digital marketing literacy, encouraging MSMEs to digitize their businesses.

The “Curhat Mas” channel allows people to report their complaints, both individually and as groups. Gusti Ega Putrawan is personally committed to responding to all complaints through this application and will follow up on them with the Sahabat Mas Ega team.

Meanwhile, the “Pasar Rakyat” channel will offer discounts of up to 50% on basic food prices to alleviate the economic burden on the community, especially during challenging times like these.

Gusti Ega hopes that this initiative can serve as an example for members of other political parties to take similar steps.

The Sahabat Mas Ega application is scheduled to launch in early September and will involve several community figures in its launch event. With this application, Gusti Ega Putrawan aims to make a greater contribution to improving the welfare of the community in the electoral district he represents.


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