ASTRA Group LSP Forkom Becomes LSP Discussion Platform with BNSP

Strategic Meeting: Discussion of Certification and Information Systems, LSP under the auspices of the ASTRA Group dialogue with BNSP – Menara Astra, Sudirman, Jakarta witnessed the importance of the Professional Certification Institute (LSP) Communication Forum meeting under the auspices of the ASTRA Group, Jakarta (8/5/24).

This event is not just a routine discussion, but rather a stage for stakeholders in the certification industry to summarize various current issues surrounding LSP.

The National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP) plays a central role in this discussion.

This meeting is an important momentum to discuss various aspects of certification, from new policies to the latest developments in information systems, such as SISFO NEW BNSP.

One participant said, “This forum is important for us, the certification industry players.

Through guided discussions, we gain a deeper understanding of certification policy changes and their impact on daily practice.”

Apart from being a place to obtain the latest information, this forum is also a moment to share experiences and knowledge.

Through structured questions and answers, each participant has the opportunity to strengthen their understanding.

“Sharing knowledge on this forum is very valuable.

“I gained new insights about managing LSP more effectively and efficiently,” said one participant.

In this event, participants also studied specific topics, including discussions about SISFO NEW BNSP.

“An efficient information system is the key to success for an LSP. With SISFO NEW BNSP, the certification process can be more integrated and transparent,” said one source.

This forum also provides an opportunity to network and expand relationships in the certification industry.

With various LSP representatives present, opportunities open for closer collaboration in the future.

At the closing of the forum, BNSP Commissioner, NS Aji Martono, appreciated this activity as a positive step in improving the quality and professionalism of LSP in Indonesia.

“This forum is a real manifestation of the spirit of collaboration in facing various challenges and opportunities in the certification industry,” he said.

Aji also invited all participants to continue to actively participate in similar activities to advance the world of certification in Indonesia.

Thus, the closing of the forum is not only a moment of reflection, but also motivation to continue moving forward in improving the quality of certification services in the country.

Participants agreed that this forum provided a valuable contribution to the development of the certification industry in Indonesia.

With good communication and collaboration, it is hoped that the certification industry can continue to develop and provide greater benefits to the wider community.

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