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X-Widget a South Korean Company, Ventures into Investment in Indonesia?

Indonesiantalk.com — Viral News on Investment – X-Widget, a South Korean Company, Ventures into Investment in Indonesia in the Field of Payment Solutions and Blockchain-Based Stablecoin

The rapid growth of cryptocurrency investment assets in Indonesia has seen over 17 million individuals participating in this form of investment.

Amidst the escalating interest in the crypto market within the nation, South Korean company X-Widget has taken a significant initiative to foster the growth of investors intrigued by crypto assets in Indonesia.

X-Widget is a technology firm specializing in the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

They have actively embarked on measures to support the cryptocurrency ecosystem’s development in Indonesia.

Through a series of engagements with pertinent institutions, including the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (Bappebti), X-Widget seeks to deliberate on sectoral advancements and contribute to clearer regulations in the crypto investment domain.

A pivotal moment occurred on August 18, 2023, where a crucial meeting was held at the Bappebti office in Central Jakarta. This meeting involved key stakeholders from X-Widget, Bappebti, as well as local and international partners.

Present at the event were Didid Noordiatmoko, the Head of Bappebti, and Tirta Karma Senjaya, the Bureau Chief, emphasizing the significance of collaboration with foreign companies such as X-Widget to support the crypto sector’s development in Indonesia.

From the X-Widget side, prominent figures in attendance were CEO Kim Seong Un (President Director) and Kim Kil Won (Director). They represented X-Widget’s commitment to strengthen ties with Indonesia and ensure a positive participation in the nation’s crypto ecosystem.

The meeting was also attended by other stakeholders, including Chairman Choi Chul Won, Mr Kim Seong Un – President Director, Mr Lim Join Ein (Director) and Mr Kim Kil Won (Director) also Mr Kang Gi Hyo (lawyer USA).

The presence of local partners such as Ismeth Wibowo and Teddy Harijono added a collaborative dimension to the meeting.

As a follow-up to the meeting, X-Widget and its partners continued discussions with PT Kliring Perdagangan Berjangka Indonesia.

This meeting involved Director Yose Skundarisa and took place at the Graha Mandiri Building in Central Jakarta. The aim of this meeting was to reinforce collaboration and understanding among all parties involved in the cryptocurrency asset industry.

X-Widget has demonstrated its commitment to supporting the growth of the crypto market in Indonesia through investments in payment solutions and blockchain-based stablecoins.

With the backing of relevant stakeholders, it is expected that this collaboration will bring about a positive impact in nurturing a sustainable and innovative crypto ecosystem in Indonesia.

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