Invite Foreign Tourists to Explore All of Indonesia

Muria Kudus University Students Create Cultural Souvenir Products for Promoting Culture-Based Tourism — “ Invite Foreign Tourists to Explore All of Indonesia, Muria Kudus University Students Create Cultural Souvenir Products for Promoting Culture-Based Tourism” 

Students from Muria Kudus University who qualified for the PKM-Entrepreneurship funding program, led by Ilham Fathur Rahman (Management 2021) and comprising three other members, namely Diah Ayu Permatasari (Management 2021), Fiki Adi Ansyah (Computer Engineering 2021), and Ahmad Auvan Nur Hakim (Computer Engineering 2021), have successfully created a product named “Countryich Nesia.

This product is a unique souvenir for international tourists, serving as a promotional tool for cultural diversity-based tourism, equipped with Augmented Reality technology.

“Countryich Nesia” itself consists of three products: tote bags, tumblers, and caps adorned with designs showcasing the cultural diversity of Indonesia and incorporating Augmented Reality (AR) technology. When these images are scanned, they will appear in 3D and provide information about the respective culture,” explained Ilham at the time.

The creation of the Countryich Nesia product is driven by the abundance of tourism diversity in Indonesia, but there is still a significant imbalance in the visits of foreign tourists, with many concentrating their travels in specific provinces.

Since the primary target of this product is foreign tourists, the Countryich Nesia team, including Ilham and Diah as management specialists, attempted marketing strategies in the Bali region.

They collaborated with hotel management and store owners in tourist areas in Bali, such as Bedugul and others, as partners or attempted to promote their products to tourists.

A positive response was evident in the feedback from tourists when they received the Countryich Nesia products. They were delighted and didn’t hesitate to immediately use the complimentary products.

It didn’t stop there; Mr. Rozaq M. Yasin, the supervisor of the Countryich Nesia Entrepreneurship PKM team, enthusiastically appreciated the creative idea from his students.

“I am very proud of the Countryich Nesia product, and I hope this effort can continue,” he said to Ilham, the Head of the Entrepreneurship PKM team, last September.

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