PT ASA Karya Multipratama’s Historic First Stone Laying Ceremony for Explosives Manufacturing Plant in East Kalimantan — Amidst the scorching heat enveloping Balikpapan, a rare and historic event took place on October 7, 2023. A sudden downpour of heavy rain embraced the city, as if nature itself were celebrating this special moment: the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Explosive Material Factory.

The rain poured down so intensely that it seemed like a sign from the heavens that this event was something significant and momentous for Balikpapan. After enduring relentless sunlight for so long, this rain felt like a blessing to a city that had been eagerly anticipating change.

The illustrious presence of dignitaries filled the event location, reflecting the importance of this moment for Balikpapan’s future.

One of the highlights was the presence of Bambang Soesatyto, SE, MBA, Chairman of the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR), who added significance to the event with his presence. Standing beside him, representing Prof Dr. HM Syarifudin, Chairman of the Supreme Court (MA), was Dr. Julius, the Head of the Administrative Court Chamber of the Supreme Court.

Also in attendance was Brigadier General Pol Drs Mujiyono SH, the Deputy Chief of Police of East Kalimantan, Ahwil Lutan, former Mexican Ambassador and the first Head of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), as well as representatives from countries like Spain and South Africa, providing extraordinary international support.

This demonstrated the immense global impact of the factory’s construction on the city.

Gian Fransesco Beltrami, a Swiss entrepreneur, participated in this historic moment, highlighting the vast economic potential available in Balikpapan. Members of the Regional Representative Council (DPD RI) from various regions of Indonesia also added to the event’s vibrancy, including Fahira Idris, Muslim Yatim, Fadil Rahmi, and Abdul Kholik, showcasing support from all across Indonesia.

The construction of this factory is also a crucial moment for national resilience, represented by officials from the Ministry of Defense and Security. The presence of members from the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) demonstrates strong support from the business world for Balikpapan’s economic development.

The event commenced with the melodious rendition of Indonesia Raya, the national anthem, echoing through the forest. Traditional dances then filled the air, bringing the spirit and beauty of Indonesian culture to the heart of the event. A prayer procession led by Habib Chaedar became a part of this historic moment.

The speeches delivered by leaders, including the Chairman of the MPR, the Deputy Chairman of the DPD RI, and the CEO of PT ASA Karya MultiPratama, Deden, all emphasized the importance of this development for Indonesia.

They expressed great hope that this factory would be a significant milestone in boosting the local economy and bringing prosperity to an Indonesia that seeks greater self-sufficiency in industry and production.

Congratulations from Nikko Barito, the Ambassador of Seychelles, offered hope that the factory would generate local employment and reduce dependence on imports.

Beneath the post-rain skies, the laying of the first stone was a successful and memorable moment. Everyone in attendance hoped that the construction of this factory would proceed smoothly, becoming a crucial step in stimulating the local economy and bringing prosperity to an increasingly self-reliant Indonesia in terms of industry and production. Balikpapan has marked its history with great expectations for a brighter future.

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