Exploring Perry’s Role in IKN’s Thrilling Tourism and Culinary District

Indonesiantalk.com –– Perry Tristianto Tedja: The Entrepreneur Behind Bandung’s Culinary and Tourism Marvels

Perry Tristianto Tedja, a renowned entrepreneur from Bandung, has made a name for himself as the “king of Factory Outlets.” However, his business ventures have now expanded into the realm of lifestyle and hospitality entrepreneurship. At the age of 63, Perry continues to create new and intriguing ventures that captivate the masses.

During a conversation with the executives of the Indonesian Digital Media Association, an organization representing digital media owners in Indonesia, the idea emerged for Perry to become a part of an exciting tourism and culinary district in the New Capital City (IKN).

Perry is widely recognized for his contribution to unique tourist attractions, such as The Great Asia Afrika in Lembang, which was launched in 2019. This establishment, centered around education and culture, showcases Perry’s commitment to innovation.

For further insights, a comprehensive interview with Perry will be featured in the August 2023 print edition of Eksekutif magazine. This interview will shed light on Perry’s tireless pursuit of enhancing his businesses and seeking new innovations.

Bandung, a city renowned for its natural beauty, has now also become a paradise for culinary delights and unforgettable tourist destinations.

Behind the splendor and popularity of the culinary scene and tourist attractions in Bandung, lies a savvy businessman named Perry Tristianto Tedja.

Through his creativity and innovation, Perry has been able to create a number of renowned culinary and tourist establishments in Bandung, such as Rumah Susu, Bandung Floating Market, Rumah Strawberry, and De Farm.

Perry Tristianto Tedja is a Bandung-born entrepreneur who has brought dozens of successful businesses under his name. Previously known as the “king of Factory Outlets” (FO), Perry has now expanded into the bakery, hijab, and milk sponge cake factory businesses in Lembang.

With a primary focus on culinary, tourism, and fashion, Perry has solidified his name as one of the successful entrepreneurs in Bandung.

During a relaxed conversation with several journalists at the serene Kafe Pelataran Kota Bandung, Perry shared his perspective on the culinary business.

“Selling food is not just about serving delicious meals but also about serving popular dishes,” Perry said.

He acknowledged that the success of his business depends not only on the tastiness of the food but also on its appeal and demand from customers.

Despite having 900 employees, Perry views them as partners in his business rather than mere workers he pays. He believes that employees are valuable assets in his business, and his success is intertwined with their hard work.

Perry explained, “I live and eat thanks to the efforts of those who work hard for the business I’ve built. Employees are precious assets to me.”

At his age, surpassing 60 years, Perry aims to provide more benefits to others. He enjoys interacting and sharing experiences with people, especially the younger generation.

Perry feels that when he is with young people, they tend to discuss the future, whereas with older individuals, they often reminisce about the past.

As the chairman of Mimbar Duafa, he maintains a spirit and cheerfulness that radiate from his face, making him appear much younger than his actual age of 63.

During interactions with journalists, Perry revealed the secrets to his business success.

According to Perry, anyone venturing into the business world must possess enthusiasm and a strong interest in the field.

For example, if someone wants to open a food stall, they must love food or have an interest in cooking and culinary arts.

The second secret Perry shared is that an entrepreneur should not solely rely on others to run their business. He believes that an entrepreneur must be directly involved in the operational aspects and experience the atmosphere of their establishment.

Serving customers, facing challenges, and enjoying the excitement of the business are essential for an entrepreneur, according to Perry.

The third secret Perry divulged is the ability to identify opportunities and optimize the business location.

Perry provided an example: If someone wants to sell Javanese noodles, they should understand that people typically consume them in the afternoon or evening.

Therefore, if the business place is quiet during mornings and afternoons, Perry suggests utilizing it to sell tea or charcoal coffee. Adjusting to customers’ eating patterns in relation to the products offered is crucial, according to Perry.

Enthralled by the potential and opportunities in the New Capital City in Panajam Passer, East Kalimantan, Perry is currently exploring ways to expand his business there.

With perseverance, creativity, and a burning passion, Perry Tristianto Tedja has created an impressive culinary and tourism legacy in Bandung.

His success in building businesses and benefiting others serves as an inspiration to young entrepreneurs.

Through his expansion into the New Capital City, Perry hopes to bring new wonders to the culinary and tourism industry while continuing to carve out a remarkable business history.

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