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Sunra Leading Chinese Electric Motorcycle Manufacturer, Poised to Invest in Central Java

Indonesiantalk.com — Sunra, Leading Chinese Electric Motorcycle Manufacturer, Poised to Invest in Central Java at the 2023 Central Java Investment Business Forum

Sunra, a prominent Chinese electric motorcycle manufacturer, has agreed to invest in the establishment of an electric motorcycle assembly plant in the Kendal Special Economic Zone, Central Java.

This agreement was formalized during the Central Java Investment Business Forum (CJIBF) 2023, organized by the Provincial Government of Central Java in collaboration with the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) and Bank Indonesia.

At that moment several foreign and local investors were also present.

Running for two days from August 21 to 22, 2023, the CJIBF 2023 aims to facilitate investment cooperation and advocate for circular economic potential in Central Java.

The event encompasses a diverse range of activities, including business forums, direct meetings between potential investors and project owners, investor dinners, investment tours, and interactive dialogues.

Central Java Governor, H. Ganjar Pranowo, bore witness to the signing ceremony of the Letter of Intent (LOI).  There representing Sunra Mister Wujianhua and his local partner Ismeth Wibowo.

The signing ceremony was also graced by the presence of prominent figures, including Deputy Senior Governor of Bank Indonesia, Destry Damayanti; Expert Staff of the Minister of Investment/BKPM, Imam Suyudi; and Head of the Central Java Investment and Integrated Service One-Stop Office (DPMPTSP), Sakina Rosellasari.

Utilizing interactive dialogue empowered by Dazen Vrilla, CJIBF 2023 highlights the theme “Circular Economy for Sustainable Growth in Central Java.”

The event underscores support for renewable energy development and zero waste initiatives as part of the endeavor to achieve sustainable economic growth in Central Java.

The successful achievement of 5.31% year-on-year economic growth during the first quarter of 2023 in Central Java has enhanced the province’s appeal as a competitive investment destination.

The support provided by the Ministry of Investment/BKPM, Bank Indonesia, as well as local governments across various districts and cities in Central Java, contributes to promoting sustainable investments.

The Central Java Investment Business Forum (CJIBF) 2023 serves as a platform for potential investors to explore investment opportunities in prioritized sectors, including manufacturing, agriculture, infrastructure and energy, as well as tourism.

Through activities such as business forums, direct meetings, and investment visits, the event is expected to drive the economic progress of Central Java and promote sustainable growth in the region.

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