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Strengthening Narcotics Control Cooperation – Head of the Indonesian National Narcotics Agency and General Director of State Police Albania Agree

Strengthening Narcotics Control Cooperation – Head of the Indonesian National Narcotics Agency and General Director of State Police Albania Agree

On Wednesday, August 23, 2023, the Head of the Indonesian National Narcotics Agency (BNN RI), Commissioner General Pol. Prof. Dr. Petrus Reinhard Golose, during his visit to Europe, successfully conducted a strategic meeting with the General Director of the State Police Republic of Albania, Muhamet Rrumbulaku.

The meeting took place at the Headquarters of the Albanian Republic Police and was attended by several important figures, including the Extraordinary and Fully Empowered Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Republic of Bulgaria, the Republic of Albania, and the Republic of North Macedonia, H.E. Iwan Bogananta, as well as the Members of the Expert Group of BNN RI in the field of International Cooperation, Ambassador Harry James Kandou, and their respective delegations.

During this meeting, both parties initiated collaborative efforts between Indonesia and Albania in combating drug trafficking.

The Head of BNN RI presented the situation and conditions of drug abuse and illicit drug trafficking in Indonesia. According to the report presented, the prevalence of drug abuse in Indonesia has reached a concerning figure of 3.66 million individuals or approximately 1.95% of the total Indonesian population.

Furthermore, the Head of BNN RI explained the strategies that have been devised to address the threat of drug trafficking in Indonesia.

These strategies encompass soft power, hard power, smart power, and cooperation approaches.

These four approaches are deemed crucial and complementary in safeguarding the younger generation from the negative impacts of drugs.

During the meeting, the Head of BNN RI and the General Director of State Police Albania concurred that combating narcotics requires a comprehensive and coordinated approach.

The General Director of State Police Albania emphasized, “Crime has no nationality,” signifying the belief that drug-related crimes transcend national boundaries and necessitate global collaboration.

The outcome of this meeting culminated in an agreement to enhance cooperation in several aspects, including information exchange, capacity-building for personnel, and anticipation of evolving drug crime methodologies and involvement of organized drug syndicates.

The involved parties acknowledged that forthcoming challenges are growing increasingly complex, especially with the rise in technological utilization through digitization, cybercrime, and encrypted communication.

Hence, more concrete cooperation and strategic measures will be the primary focus in the joint endeavor to address the narcotics issue in both countries.

source: matranews.id


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