Soft Launch of TNOS Alert Button: Quick and Responsive Innovation for Emergency Situations — Soft Launch of TNOS Alert Button: Quick and Responsive Innovation for Emergency Situations

PT. Xtreme Network System, widely known as TNOS, officially launched its latest innovative application, the TNOS Alert Button, today.

The launch event was graced by the presence of TNOS World founders and initiators, Director Yuli Purnomo and Chief Commissioner Rusdi Soetioso.

Also in attendance were members of the advisory team, including Brigadier General (Ret.) Nyoman Supartha SH, MH, and Michael Santoso Sunggiardi.

Features and Benefits of TNOS Alert Button

The TNOS Alert Button is designed as an easy, fast, and responsive solution to assist users in emergency situations. This application allows users to connect directly with the necessary parties or institutions, such as security, police, or medical services.

“This application is very useful for users to contact security or police in emergencies such as criminal threats, bullying, or harassment,” said Brigadier General of Police (Ret.) Dra. Yosepha Sri Suari, M.Si.

Additionally, “This application also helps users who experience sudden medical issues to immediately contact a doctor or hospital,” explained Michael Sunggiardi during the launch event interview.

“TNOS Alert Button is a solution for any emergency situation, as it can be used by anyone, anywhere,” stated Rusdi Soetioso. He emphasized that “emergencies must be responded to quickly, as they can affect the final outcome. A quick response will have a significant impact on the emergency situation.”

How TNOS Alert Button Works

The TNOS Alert Button functions similarly to emergency number services like 911 in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the Philippines, or 999 in the UK. However, the TNOS Alert Button offers higher ease and speed.

“Users do not need to speak with an operator during emergencies; the application directly connects them to the required responder,” said T.W Yuli Purnomo, commonly known as Mas Ipoeng.

When the red button in the application is pressed, the user is instantly connected with the chosen responder. “The TNOS Alert Button is a subscription-based service for users, costing less than a cup of coffee,” he added.

Responders can include security posts, specific security personnel, or other authorities. Even students can use this application to contact their parents, school security officers, or teachers.

Commitment to Innovation and Safety
Dera Sophian, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of TNOS World, stated that the TNOS Alert Button provides a fast and accurate response in emergency situations.

“This innovation is proof of our commitment to providing technological solutions that benefit society,” he said.

With the introduction of the TNOS Alert Button, PT. Xtreme Network System demonstrates its dedication to creating applications that are not only innovative but also have a positive and significant impact on the safety and comfort of the community.

The launch of the TNOS Alert Button marks a significant step forward in emergency response technology in Indonesia. With its features, this application is expected to become an effective tool in handling various emergency situations, providing a sense of security and comfort to all users.

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