Gonzalo Gomez Estol CEO of Odfjell Winery, Leads Educational Coaching at Pairing Dinner and Tasting Program

Indonesiantalk.com — Gonzalo Gomez Estol, CEO of Odfjell Winery, Leads Educational Coaching at Pairing Dinner and Tasting Program

Today marks a significant event at Kloud, located on Jalan Senopati in South Jakarta, where Odfjell Premium Organic Wine is the center of attention.

The evening features Gonzalo Estol Gomez, CEO of Odfjell Winery, serving as an educational coach in a series of pairing dinners and tasting programs.

This initiative aims to educate sommeliers, F&B heads, managers, and bartenders from various restaurants, hotels, and bars about Odfjell wine from Chile.

The event also welcomed outlet owners and media executives, adding a layer of prestige and importance to the Odfjell wine tasting experience. Prior to this event, pairing dinners were held at Chairman and Izzy Social Club.

“Odfjell Premium Organic Wine is cherished by wine lovers, especially for its origins as a New World wine. Additionally, it offers organic wines that boast superior taste, quality, and benefits for consumers,” stated Edhi Sumadi, Sole Principal of Odfjell Wine in Indonesia.

The history of Odfjell wine dates back to 1980 when Norwegian tanker ship owner Dan Odfjell visited Chile and discovered the Maipo Valley. Captivated by a fruit farm in the region, he decided to establish a vineyard, which is now known as Odfjell Vineyard.

Chilean alluvial soils are deep and nutrient-rich, and the Maipo Valley’s Mediterranean climate—with wet winters and dry summers—creates an ideal environment for vineyards.

Odfjell wine is organic, meaning the grapes are cultivated without synthetic fertilizers, resulting in healthier grapes. The winery employs biodynamic farming, adhering to a biodynamic calendar that follows solar cycles and relies on organic practices.

Organic wines are naturally considered healthier options due to their higher antioxidant content and benefits for brain health, including reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Odfjell wine features six varieties across three product ranges: Odfjell Armador, Odfjell Orzada, and Odfjell Aliara. These include:

1.Odfjell Armador Cabernet Sauvignon
2.Odfjell Armador Merlot
3.Odfjell Sauvignon Blanc
4.Odfjell Orzada Cabernet Sauvignon
5.Orzada Carmenere
6.Odfjell Aliara

This event not only showcased the rich flavors and superior quality of Odfjell wines but also highlighted their commitment to organic and biodynamic practices, ensuring a healthier choice for wine enthusiasts.

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