Exceptional Apology from the Chief of the Indonesian Military

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In a time when public trust in government officials is often met with skepticism, Admiral Yudo Margono, the Chief of the Indonesian Military (TNI), has done something truly remarkable. He publicly apologized for a statement made by another military official regarding the handling of protests in Rempang.

Admiral Yudo Margono’s apology was delivered during a press conference at the Asean Solidarity Exercise 01 Natuna in Batu Ampar Batam on the morning of Tuesday, September 19, 2023. Regardless of the circumstances, the apology from the highest-ranking military officer in the TNI is nothing short of extraordinary.

For a long time, the Indonesian people have not witnessed such sincere acknowledgment of a mistake from a high-ranking government official. This act deserves our admiration, and it sets an example that other high-ranking officials in the country should follow.

Today’s apology from the Chief of the Indonesian Military has marked two significant milestones in Batam. Firstly, it marked the first-ever joint military exercise among ASEAN member states, highlighting regional cooperation. Secondly, it marked the first time in the new millennium that a leader of a large organization has apologized for their actions.

This sincere and genuine apology is likely rooted in Admiral Yudo Margono’s character, which has been shaped by his deep connection to local traditions and values. Admiral Yudo Margono is not only known as a military leader but also as a cultural enthusiast who has revived traditional art forms such as wayang kulit (shadow puppetry), wayang orang (Javanese dance-drama), gamelan music, and more.

Wayang, in particular, emphasizes the values of chivalry and honor among its performers, which have undoubtedly influenced Admiral Yudo Margono’s approach to life.

Furthermore, his character has been shaped by his experiences onboard naval vessels. As a longtime member of the Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) who likely began his career in Surabaya, he is accustomed to straightforward communication, spontaneity, and the use of the local Suroboyoan dialect, even among naval officers who may not be from Surabaya or East Java.

When Admiral Yudo Margono explained that “memiting” means a hug, and that soldiers in the field do not use any weapons, it resonated with his background. His repeated apologies, not once but twice, demonstrated that the TNI remains closely aligned with the people it serves because it was born from the people, fights alongside the people, and exists for the people.

We hope that other government officials will follow Admiral Yudo Margono’s example and cultivate a culture of apology. As ordinary humans, they are not exempt from making mistakes. The practice of apologizing for errors should be encouraged among government officials in Indonesia.

Congratulations to the TNI for staying true to its core values and not becoming a tool of politics or power, regardless of any challenges it may face. The politics of the TNI are the politics of the nation, and it dedicates itself to serving the nation rather than any particular government or entity.

#Rear Admiral TNI Pur Ir Fitri Hadi S, MAP (Public Policy Analyst)

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